Keep it Out

Many music teachers like to encourage their students to keep their instruments assembled, out of the case and ready to play. This facilitates more frequent practice and even spontaneous performances! We have developed a couple of neat accessories which work for both the Flute and the Clarinéo.

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Desk Stand

The NUVO Desk Stand provides a safe place to keep your instrument out for more frequent and spontaneous practise. Suitable for NUVO Clarinéo, NUVO Student Flute and NUVO jFlute.

Wall Hanger

This neat wall hanger can be fixed to a wall, shelf or cupboard using the 4 screws provided. It provides a convenient place to keep your NUVO Flute or Clarinéo close at hand for those moments when you feel like having a quick practise.

School Wall Hanger

The school wall hanger can accommodate up to 6 instruments and can be attached to a wall or shelf using 4 screws or doublesided tape. The clips work for Clarinéo and Flutes.

Reeds and Mouthpieces

MPBag CandD.jpg

NUVO synthetic reeds will last up to 10 times longer than traditional cane reeds. They feature a locating rib which helps the student to correctly position the reed on the mouthpiece.
Available in 3 strengths (1, 1½ and 2) and suitable for Dood, Clarinéo and jSax. Sold in packs of 3 as shown.

Clarinéo and Dood Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece can be purchased separately so that students can own and take care of their mouthpiece while sharing “school” instruments..
Supplied with mouthpiece cap and a 1½ Nuvo reed. Comes in a small fabric tote bag.



jSax Mouthpiece

The jSax mouthpiece is the same as the Dood and Clarinéo except instead of o-rings it has a silicone cover as shown. Supplied with mouthpiece cap and a 1½ Nuvo reed. Comes in a small fabric tote bag.

Flute Accessories

The NUVO flute range has been designed to allow a student to start as early as 4 years old and keep the instrument for life. There are a number of useful accessories included with the instrument and optional accessories shown below.

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upgrade kit.jpg
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Flute Curved Head Joint

As a useful accessory to the Student Flute kit, the fully adjustable curved head joint is available in black or white. It comes with the standard easy-blowing lip plate and a fabric tote bag for storage.

Donut Head Joint

The donut head joint is an alternative head joint option for the jFlute or Student Flute. Basically, it uses the same technology as the curved head joint but condenses it into a small donut looking shape. The benefits are that the head joint is always in line (no messing with moving curved head joints) and it also brings the flute in closer to the body for smaller reaches. It comes in white or black and is compatible with both the jFlute and Student Flute.

jFlute Upgrade Kit

The jFlute Upgrade Kit provides a straight head joint and C foot joint in black or white. There is also an insert to replace the one in the jFlute case. This means that the straight head joint and the foot joint can be carried with the body.

Colored Key Caps

Colored key caps are available in 3 color options; pink, blue or green. They are easily attached and you can use them to brighten up and personalise your flute. You can also use them as learning aids by using color references for notes or simply to help identify the touch keys. Set includes all standard key caps plus extensions as well as caps for C foot joint. Tote bag also included. Can be used on jFlute or Student Flute.

School Storage

A number of schools we have been working with run classes for groups of children where the children do not own the instruments. A full set of instruments is kept in the classroom and the children arrive at class and pick up an instrument to be used for that class. It saves a lot of time at the beginning and end of class if the instruments are kept out of cases and on storage racks. Mouthpieces and head joints are usually removed from the instruments and disinfected between classes or in some cases the children own their personal mouthpiece or head joint which they bring to class.


School Wall Hanger

The school wall hanger can accommodate up to 6 instruments and can be attached to a wall or shelf using 4 screws or doublesided tape. The clips work for Clarinéo and Flutes.

School Desk Stand (24)

This school desk stand can accommodate up to 24 instruments, any combination of Dood and Toot.

School Desk Stand (12)

This school desk stand can accommodate up to 12 instruments, any combination of Clarinéos, jFlutes or Flutes.

Spares Kits

The spares kits have been developed to enable a teacher or dealer to keep a range of spare parts that may need replacing. All NUVO instruments can be repaired and maintained by someone with reasonable mechanical skills and not necessarily with years of experience in repairing instruments.The repairs and maintenance section on the website has a number of PDFs explaining some of the simple steps to dismantling and repairing our instruments. 


Flute Spares Kit

The flute spares kit includes a range of spare parts including key caps, pads, grease pots, lip plates, screws and screwdrivers. It also includes some spare cleaning sticks and pull-throughs.

Clarinéo Spares Kit

The Clarinéo spares kit includes fingering charts, pull-throughs, pads, o-rings, ligatures, mouthpieces and caps. For any additional spare parts required, please contact us directly.



Acrylic Retail Display

The POP7 display can hold any mix of recorder, Dood and Toot and makes a neat, eye-catching display to maximize
impulse purchases.

Acrylic Retail Display

The jSax acrylic display holds 3 jSax and makes a striking display without taking up too much space.

Acrylic Retail Display Horizontal

The POP4 display holds any mix of jFlute, Flute or Clarinéo positioned horizontally as shown.

Acrylic Retail Display Vertical

This versatile display with a small footprint can display any mix of jSax(straight), Clarinéo or Flute and creates a striking NUVO display without taking up too much counter space.

Slat Wall Fitting (jSax)

This neat slat wall fitting will display 4 jSax’s on the wall for maximum impact without taking up any counter space.

Slat Wall Fitting (Dood/Toot)

This versatile slat wall fitting will display up to 3 instruments (Dood or Toot) for a striking colorful display.

Slat Wall Display (Clarinéo/Flute)

This slat wall display can hold a single Clarinéo, jFlute or Student Flute.